Frames & Lenses

Frames & Lenses

Of course! We love visitors. Feel free to stop by our San Diego Store to check out some shades or engage in a friendly Nerf war! Want to hang out more permanently? Send your resume to to be considered for any open positions!

Each frame page has details with different frame measurements, and an overall size for the frame. Generally speaking, frames with measurements similar to eyeglasses or sunglasses that you currently wear comfortably will fit very similarly.

Confused or unsure? Not to worry! One of our optical ninjas can help you find frames that will fit you based on your current glasses, your PD, and even your hat size and height. Or, consider our Test Ride program to try a few frames before you purchase in prescription!

SportRx’s Test Ride program is our at-home frame try-on program. With a Test Ride, you can choose a selection of frames to “try before you buy.” One of our opticians can help you put together a selection of frames that will be ideal for your prescription and activity needs, in a size that will work for you. We pay for shipping both ways!

Yes! When you order a Z87 safety frame with prescription lenses, we automatically manufacture the prescription lenses to safety-rated ANSI specifications. Your prescription lenses will also be etched “SP+” in the corner of the lens to designate the safety rating as required by ANSI.

ANSI-certified glasses are safety glasses that are approved under ANSI (American National Standards Institute) regulations. ANSI eyewear is classified and noted by the Z87 marking on the inside of the frame.

Yes! Contact one of our optical ninjas to help with a new order for lenses for your frame. We’ll walk you through all the details of the new order, and give you detailed instructions on sending in your frame.

Yes, bifocals and progressives can be made for most frames we carry. Contact one of our optical ninjas for more help!

If you’re in the San Diego area, stop in to our San Diego retail store! We’re here 7 days a week and one of our friendly opticians can help find the perfect frame for you.

If you’re not within a stone’s throw from San Diego, consider our Test Ride program – we’ll send you a few frames to try before you buy in prescription. We’ll even pay for shipping both ways! Learn more about our Test Ride program here.