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Tifosi Optics excelled as an industry leader of sports sunglasses for over 10 years. Tifosi is an eyewear brand that speaks for quality, style, function, and value. Tifosi sunglasses are technologically designed to meet the performance demands of the hardcore athlete, and to put them in the hands of consumers at a value price.

Tifosi sunglasses are trusted by cyclists, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts alike who demand nothing but the best. To experience the greatness of advanced sports eyewear, shop our collection of Tifosi sport sunglasses online.

Tifosi Lens Technology: Fototec & Clarion Mirror Lenses

Built with the outdoors in mind, Tifosi eyewear is designed to truly protect the wearer from the sun during any outdoor excursion. As a given, all Tifosi lenses provide 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

One lens that stands out in Tifosi’s collection is the Fototec lens. Advanced variable light transmission technology in Tifosi’s Fototec lenses allow the lenses to automatically darken when the sun is out, and brighten to transmit more light when the sun begins to fade. Available at SportRx in Smoke, Light Night, Brown, and High Speed Red, Tifosi’s Fototec lenses are the perfect option for athletes who need to perform their best in any condition of light.

Another Tifosi lens we’re wild about at SportRx is the Clarion Mirrior lens. Tifosi’s Clarion Mirror lens features a hydrophobic coating that repels water and sweat from gathering on the lens, making it the ideal sunglass for active athletes who need protective eyewear while maintaining visibility.

Tifosi prides themselves on offering a wide range different lens options for the customer to choose from. All the lenses have different light transmissions. This means that you can decide if you want sunglasses that thrive in the super bright all the way to in the shadows. The different light transmissions will give you flexibility to get multiple lenses and change them out. There are also technologies within the lens that help for clarity such as the vents that prevent fogging and a glare guard that reduces eye strain. Additionally, they are scratch-resistant and are optically decentered to prevent distortion to increase clarity! Overall the Tifosi lenses are versatile for the customers needs.

Tifosi Prescription Sport Sunglasses Online

Need prescription Tifosi cycling sunglasses, Tifosi running sunglasses, or any Tifosi prescription sunglasses to satisfy your sport and vision needs? You've come to the right place! Shop for your Tifosi sunglasses online at SportRx or over the phone with one of our expert opticians. Once you find the pair of Tifosi sport sunglasses for you, we'll tailor your prescription to craft the best Tifosi prescription sunglasses. Questions about prescription sunglasses? We've got answers. and one of our friendly opticians with help you out! We also offer replacement lenses for prescription lenses if something were to happen to them! If you need anything, we'll answer all your questions and help you find the best pair of prescription sports sunglasses for your active lifestyle.

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

If you're not more than 100% satisfied with your new Tifosi sunglasses or prescription sport sunglasses, send them back within 45 days of receipt. It’s the See Better Guarantee, and you’re backed by it on every order. Get of a full refund or credit towards a better pair or another future purchase. We'll take care of all shipping fees, both way.

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